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Researcher receives funding boost

Researcher receives funding boost
30th April 2013

A dementia researcher from Birmingham is set to investigate the role inflammation plays in the development of the cognitive condition thanks to £30,000 in funding from Alzheimer's Research UK.

Helen Griffiths, professor of biomedical sciences at Acton University, will start the study this month and it will take around a year to complete.

She believes that miRNA molecules may play a part in the onset of Alzheimer's by changing the way blood vessels in the brain work and how the brain itself responds to inflammation.

"By understanding more about miRNAs and their role in keeping our brains healthy, we hope to understand more about what can go wrong in Alzheimer’s," she said.

"We are also interested in whether treatments could influence the action of miRNAs."

Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, said that this is a new area of dementia research and that the charity is pleased to be involved in its funding.

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