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Research suggests environmental factors link to testicular cancer

Research suggests environmental factors link to testicular cancer
27th December 2007

Testicular cancer could be linked to the environmental factors in which a man grows up, according to new research.

The Danish study, which was led by Charlotte Myrup of the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen found that the risk of the cancer was lower in men who were first generation immigrants in Denmark, compared to those born to immigrant parents living in the country.

Performing the research in the Scandinavian country due to its high testicular cancer incidence rates, the study analysed data from over two million men living there between 1963 and 2003.

Commenting on the study, the authors wrote: "The difference in testicular cancer rates among men born to foreign parents inside Denmark compared with those immigrating to Denmark as children or adults point to the possibility of environmental influences in utero."

The research on testicular cancer has come after recent research by the University of Texas also claimed men are at risk of osteoporosis, despite being very rarely tested for the condition.

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