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Research for Alzheimer's role allows actor to help patient

Research for Alzheimer's role allows actor to help patient
28th January 2013

Award-winning actor Ray Winstone has told how playing a patient with Alzheimer's in his latest film has made him more aware of the effects of dementia.

While talking about his role in the upcoming British movie Ashes, Mr Winstone revealed how his new understanding of the disease allowed him to help a man he spotted wandering alone in rural Essex.

"I saw this old boy alone. It was a cold day and he was only wearing a vest," he explained in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

Mr Winstone was aware that he might scare the man if he approached him and so rang the police instead, something he admits he would not have done before taking on his latest role.

Police officers discovered the man had "wandered off" and took him back home.

For his role in Ashes, Mr Winstone researched Alzheimer's and met with some patients and their carers. He says he hopes the film will help to raise awareness of the disease.

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