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Remaining mentally active 'protects brain integrity'

Remaining mentally active 'protects brain integrity'
28th November 2012

A number of new studies revealed this month have added to the weight of evidence suggesting remaining mentally active can help older adults to protect their brain's integrity.

According to chief executive of Alzheimer's Research UK Rebecca Wood, research carried out by scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles shows physical activity may help preserve grey matter.

She said: "Although it's not clear from this study whether an active lifestyle was also linked to better thinking skills, we do know that exercise can help lower the risk of dementia."

Dr Laura Phipps of Alzheimer's Research UK stated a further piece of research indicating there are differences between men and women in the rate of brain shrinkage during Alzheimer's is "interesting".

She noted the reasons for the variations are not yet clear and called for more research into gender differences in Alzheimer's to be carried out.

Scientists from universities in Germany and Switzerland recently released research showing targeting inflammation could have benefits for individuals affected by Alzheimer's.

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