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Religion linked to longer life span

Religion linked to longer life span
21st November 2008

People who regularly attend religious ceremonies may live longer on average than those who do not, a new study suggests.

Such individuals may have a 20 per cent reduced risk of death, according to findings published by researchers at Yeshiva University and its medical school, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Results were based on an assessment of more than 92,000 post-menopausal women.

Lead author of the study Dr Eliezer Schnall said: "Interestingly, the protection against mortality provided by religion cannot be entirely explained by expected factors that include enhanced social support of friends or family, lifestyle choices and reduced smoking and alcohol consumption."

She pointed out that it could of course be the case that some unmeasured factors influenced the results.

Earlier this month, research from a leading UK charity suggested that many women are unaware of the relatively straightforward dietary and lifestyle changes they could make in order to reduce the risk of having a stroke.

The Stroke Association said that 110 women under the age of 65 suffer a stroke each week in the UK.

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