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Relatives with Alzheimer's 'need reassurance'

Relatives with Alzheimer's 'need reassurance'
25th November 2008

If a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's, a relative must not get frustrated, angry or take things personally - instead, they must be patient with them, it has been recommended.

Speaking to American news provider CNN, licensed clinical social worker Beth Kallmer said that people must treat the affected relative with respect and calmness, even though this may seem very difficult.

Ms Kallmer stated that even when a loved one did not recognise their surroundings or family any more, it was still important to communicate with them using the four S technique - firstly, by using simple sentences.

She continued: "Say it slow to allow enough time to capture words or questions. Show what you're saying, using facial expressions, body language and gesturing. And smile - it goes a long way."

Britain's Alzheimer's Society estimates that 700,000 people are living with the disease in the UK, predicted to rise to one million by 2025.

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