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Raising funds for groundbreaking MS treatment

18th April 2006

The family of a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer from Edinburgh is raising funds to allow him to receive pioneering treatment abroad, according to the Edinburgh Evening News.

Ian Munro, 44, requires £9,000 for the groundbreaking stem cell treatment at a clinic in Rotterdam.

An extra £5,000 is also needed to pay for the travelling and accommodation costs of the treatment.

Mr Munro's wife Luisa and mother Irene Kelly have recently organised a jumble sale in a bid to push funds up to the £14,000 mark.

Mr Munro hopes that cells taken from the umbilical cord of a baby and planted in to his neck may help him to walk again.

"MS is a very, very terrible illness and, if these stem cells work, it could give people back their quality of life. It's got to be worth a shot," he told the newspaper.

The treatment is only legal in a small number of countries, including Holland, Belgium and Mexico although laboratories in Cambridge and Bristol are currently conducting research in to the technique.

It is expected to be five years before the treatment is available in the UK.