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Public calls for focus on dementia diagnosis

Public calls for focus on dementia diagnosis
16th September 2010

The vast majority of people want government health spending to be refocused on dementia diagnosis, according to a new survey.

In a YouGov poll commissioned by the Alzheimer's Society, it was found that 90 per cent of people think that early diagnosis of dementia should be a primary concern for the NHS.

Evidence suggests that early detection of the disease, along with subsequent support and information, can improve people's quality of life and save the health services substantial amounts of money on care costs.

The charity's interim chief executive Ruth Sutherland says that the public have made their feelings on the issue clear, and it is now up to the government to listen.

"Without a diagnosis, hundreds of thousands of people aren't able to access support and advice they vitally need and cannot be prescribed treatments that could help slow the progression of the condition," she said.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust estimates that dementia costs the UK economy around £20 billion each year.

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