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Protests over NICE dementia ruling

10th November 2006

The Alzheimer's Society has announced plans to protest against a ruling by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

NICE recently declared that only dementia sufferers in the moderate stages of the disease would be granted potentially life-changing anti-dementia drugs.

The ruling has provoked outcry in many quarters, with campaigners stating that the drug would help many dementia patients with less and more severe forms of the disease.

A large protest, organised by the Alzheimer's Society, will take place in Manchester on Friday November 17th to campaign against the move.

Ann Ashton, the coordinator of the society's Ellesmere Port & Neston branch, told the Ellesmere Port Pioneer: "There are some 750,000 people nationwide and 1,035 locally who have Alzheimer's or another form of dementia.

"Due to the recent decision by NICE, people with this distressing illness are to be denied drugs that can help stabilise their condition."

"These drugs cost a mere £2.50 per day per person."

The new ruling is set to come in to force on November 22nd.