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Protein 'blocks ovarian cancer'

Protein 'blocks ovarian cancer'
27th April 2011

A motor protein has been discovered to block ovarian tumour growth, which looks set to pave the way for new therapies to treat the condition, potentially lessening the dependence of patients on home care.

Professor Kathleen M Mulder and her team had previously discovered that the protein km23-1 is not functioning properly in almost half of women with ovarian cancer.

Penn State College of Medicine investigators therefore induced over-expression of km23-1 in ovarian cancer cells from humans, placed in mice.

This caused production of the protein to increase and it was found to be able to block the ovarian tumour growth, leading to cancer cell death.

Researcher Nageswara Pulipati explained: "Compared to the control group, the tumours were much smaller when km23-1 was over-expressed."

In other news, a pancreatic cancer vaccine could be used to help the recovery of people with the condition if trials are successful.

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