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Project will help people with autism find employment

Project will help people with autism find employment
16th March 2011

A new initiative from the National Autistic Society could help people living with autism to get into employment.

The Nottingham Post reports that the Community Opportunities Project is the first of its kind and offers help with social skills, employment support and the chance to set up different groups.

People with autism will be aided in preparing CVs and finding work placements, as well as help developing social skills that will allow them to remain in their jobs.

"This is a very important area for people who have autism," Connie Hartley, project officer at the National Autistic Society, told the newspaper.

"They often struggle with communication and social interaction. This often makes it difficult for them to find work and make friends."

This month, the National Autistic Society said its latest report on the importance of Disability Living Allowance has helped to make the government aware of how vital the benefit is for people with autism.

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