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Prince warns of Alzheimer's

Prince warns of Alzheimer's
18th March 2009

Prince Charles has warned that the price of ignoring Alzheimer's disease could be "catastrophic".

He stated that this is due to an ageing population and praised measures being taken to treat the condition.

In an address to more than 200 medical experts and scientists, the prince outlined his concerns regarding illnesses affecting the elderly.

He said that dementia will have an even greater impact on the UK in the future as people live for longer.

The prince added that the country will face a "catastrophic burden" socially, emotionally and economically if the condition is "left unchecked"

He went on to say that the work of the Alzheimer's Research Trust has his backing and offers hope for the future.

In related news, earlier this week it was revealed that a test to rule out or confirm the condition has been validated and standardised by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

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