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Primary Care Trusts to receive funding

Primary Care Trusts to receive funding
5th January 2012

The government has announced that a one-off additional £150 million will be given to Primary Care Trusts in England to help local authorities invest in social care services.

In an attempt to reduce pressure on hospitals during the winter period, the government has pledged extra funding to provide effective ongoing support for people in their own home.

By improving access to home care, patients will be able to be discharged from hospital more quickly.

A further £20 million has also been allocated to the Disabled Facilities Grant for 2011/2012, to help more people with a disability to access the care and home adaptations they need to live independently at home.

Both measures are part of the government's spending review, in which they pledged to provide an extra £7.2 billion over the next four years to local councils so that they can invest in those services that support vulnerable people.

On January 3rd, the government also pledged more funding for local HealthWatch bodies, which have replaced Local Involvement Networks and will champion the welfare of patients, service users and the public.

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