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'Pressing need' to combat stigma of dementia

'Pressing need' to combat stigma of dementia
4th September 2008

There is a "pressing need" to combat the stigma associated with dementia, according to one old age psychiatrist.

Dr Karim Saad, a consultant at the Caludon Centre in Coventry, told the Coventry Telegraph that dementia can also affect working-age people.

He said information about healthy lifestyle choices and early warning signs is important.

"An early awareness of how to access a specialist assessment, best available treatments and local support will go a long way towards broadening the choices available to a person with dementia and their intimate carers in years to come," Dr Saad added.

He explained that advanced planning can support independence and prevent future crisis situations.

Dr Saad's comments come ahead of a roadshow to be held in Coventry next week, aimed at raising awareness about dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

This week nutritionist Amanda Ursell told the Times that people who carry a lot of fat around their stomachs could be at greater risk of dementia in later life.

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