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Prescription charges rise

Prescription charges rise
28th February 2012

The government has raised the cost of prescriptions in the UK but has frozen the cost of pre-payment certificates.

For many across the country with persistent health problems this will be bad news, with people already struggling to balance budgets.

The coalition for fairer prescription charges has come out against the increase, calling it "simply unacceptable" in the current economic climate.

Members of the Prescription Charges Campaign are lobbying for fairer charges to give people access to vital treatment.

Neil Churchill, chief executive of Asthma UK and chair of the Prescription Charges Campaign, stated: "We already know that some people with long-term conditions are rationing or stopping taking potentially life-saving medicines because they are too expensive and even ministers have acknowledged that the prescription charges system is unfair."

The campaign is calling on people to send an urgent message to government that the price hike is unwelcome by signing a Prescription Charges Petition.

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