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Pre-op MRI 'essential' for all breast cancer patients

Pre-op MRI 'essential' for all breast cancer patients
4th May 2012

All breast cancer patients must undergo a preoperative MRI exam, whether their breasts are dense or not.

This is the finding of a study at Yale University School of Medicine, which claims that MRI's are essential in detecting additional malignancies.

It was found that there was no increased risk of lesions from MRI's in those with dense or non-dense breasts.

Dr Reena Vashi, one of the authors of the study, stated: "There are currently no guidelines that define the role of breast density in determining if a preoperative MRI should be performed."

However, currently they are only ordered regularly in those with dense breast tissue.

The study, which included 127 patients, found that MRIs detected further malignancies in 26 per cent of people who had breasts not considered dense.

Conversely, additional growths were only found in 25 per cent of patients with dense breasts.

There was also no variation in lesion type in people with different breasts.

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