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Practical tips 'needed for medication adherence'

Practical tips 'needed for medication adherence'
20th September 2011

Patients who use assisted living should attempt to integrate their medication with their daily routine, an article has underlined.

The paper, penned by University of Missouri researchers, wrote that people should be encouraged to take their medications correctly through an approach which focuses on integrating medication taking into daily routines.

Furthermore, supportive people who encourage the correct consumption of medication should also be involved in this, according to the authors.

Cynthia Russell, associate professor of nursing, and assistant professor Todd Ruppar recommend evaluating the daily routines of individuals, tracking adherence and analysing whether the medications were taken correctly.

"We need to give patients practical ways to adhere to their medication regimens, like putting pills next to the coffee maker as a reminder to take them each morning or using technology like cell phones or computers to set reminders to take medications," said Russell.

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