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Potential Parkinson's vaccine in trials

Potential Parkinson's vaccine in trials
1st August 2014

A vaccine that could potentially slow down or halt the onset of Parkinson's disease (PD) is being put through clinical testing.

Courtesy of a grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF), the Austrian biotech AFFiRiS AG announced positive results from the first round of testing and it is hoped this method of treatment will revolutionise the lives of those with the condition.

The vaccination PD01A targets the clumps that form in individuals with PD by stimulating the production of antibodies. 

"​A treatment that could slow or stop Parkinson’s progression would be a game changer for the five million worldwide living with this disease," Dr Todd Sherer said, who is the chief executive officer of the MJFF.

The next step for this potential treatment is a boost study. This will ascertain how safe it is and will take place in Austria. 

A​s the number of people that are likely to develop PD is set to increase as the population rises, a cure for the neurological condition is desperately needed. 

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