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Possible compound to treat stroke identified

Possible compound to treat stroke identified
23rd February 2012

Researchers have created a new compound with the potential to treat the brain damage caused by stroke.

A study at the University of Copenhagen has designed, produced and patented a compound that binds 1,000 times more effectively to target protein in the brain.

It is hoped that the compound can limit the cell death that occurs during stroke.

Anders Bach, medicinal chemist, commented: "Research on animal models shows that the new compound we have designed and produced reduces the dead area in the brain after a stroke by 40 per cent."

The researchers claim that the compound is far more biologically effective than potential drug candidates.

Earlier this month a study suggested that the drug clazosentan could reduce the risk of a second stroke in patients.

The drug works by reducing blood vessel spasms in patients with brain aneurysms and if confirmed in clinical trials will be vital in preventing further brain damage in people who experience stroke.

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