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Possible benefits of vitamin E

20th January 2006

The benefits of vitamin E in terms of preventing and reducing stroke risks may have been overlooked in the past.

Researchers at the Ohio State University have suggested that a specific type of vitamin E, alpha tocotrienol, has the potential to be used as a way of limiting stroke damage and they have called for more studies to be carried out.

Focussing on the entire eight molecules of the vitamin may lead to clues over its effectiveness, according to the Pittsburgh Channel.

"The time has come to realise that these forms of vitamin E molecules have the individual characteristics, and therefore, individual significance to human health," commented Dr Chandan Sen.

"Lab tests show alpha tocotrienol is ten times more effective at protecting the brain's neurons from the damage of a stroke than the most common type of vitamin E".

As it is found primarily in palm oil, and in smaller amounts in rice, wheat and barley, the researchers believe that it could be beneficial to encourage people to change their diets, although further research is needed.