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Positive report for Leicester care partnership

1st December 2005

A new review has indicated that NHS funded nursing care in care homes can bring significant benefits to the sector.

Research conducted by the University of Leicester's Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit found that the implementation of the scheme had helped to ensure appropriate placements were made, as well as increasing nurse involvement within the homes.

The partnership agreement between the health and social care agencies in the region, designed to deliver the care in a more efficient way, had improved communication, according to the report, emphasising the importance of working together.

Focussing on the impact of the nursing care in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the review was based on data and views expressed by independent care homes, primary care trusts and social services.

The review concluded that although there were still some issues to be addressed, such as additional paperwork, the partnership had improved the level of NHS funded care and could be extended to other areas.