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Poor public toilets 'prevent elderly from leaving the house'

Poor public toilets 'prevent elderly from leaving the house'
23rd October 2008

A lack of adequate public toilets in their local areas means many elderly people simply choose not to go out, a leading charity has said.

Responding to The Provision of Public Toilets report carried out for the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Pamela Holmes from Help the Aged said it highlighted how "crucial" it is to provide public toilets in local areas.

She stated that the importance of public toilets should be recognised in terms of the community's general health and wellbeing.

Commenting on the difficulties faced by many older people due to a lack of adequate toilet facilities, the charity's head of healthy ageing Ms Holmes said: "For those who do decide to brave it, Help the Aged has heard stories of older people not drinking so they won't need to go to the toilet, or carrying a water jug just in case they need it."

She pointed out that it is in the interests of local authorities to attract visitors through providing a good standard of public toilet facilities.

Meanwhile Help the Aged has called for changes to the way in which applications for public funding of care are handled.

The charity said a fair and consistent system is needed to that older people can access the care they need.

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