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Poor care 'unchallenged and unchanged', says report

Poor care 'unchallenged and unchanged', says report
22nd November 2012

Poor standards of care in the UK remain "unchallenged" and "unchanged", according to a new report by the Patients Association.

Stories from the present, lessons for the future is the fourth such study from the organisation and criticises the culture of the NHS.

Chief executive of the Patients Association Katherine Murphy stated many people are still being "shockingly" let down by the NHS on a daily basis.

"These appalling and tragic cases serve to highlight the devastating consequences when poor practice is left unchallenged and unchanged. Behind each one are many more unheard voices," she said.

Ms Murphy stated it is accepted that the NHS does a lot of good and its staff are very hardworking, but she said the report ought to act as a "tragic wake-up call" to Westminster about the failings within the NHS.

A study carried out by Diabetes UK Cymru recently found one in three diabetes inpatients have been affected by NHS mistakes.

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