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Polypill will 'simplify medication for elderly stroke victims'

Polypill will 'simplify medication for elderly stroke victims'
3rd April 2009

Individuals in a nursing home or receiving home care following a stroke will find it much easier to use medication which was announced this week.

Commenting on the new "polypill", Joanne Murphy, the research liaison officer at the Stroke Association, said: "This pill will be cheaper than separate medications but it is essential that the 'polypill' goes through more extensive and rigorous testing to ensure its safety."

However, she maintained that it was still very important for people to live a healthy lifestyle to minimise the risk of having a stroke in the first place, advocating prevention instead of a cure.

This can be done through several tried and tested methods to lower risk, such as drinking alcohol in moderation, stopping smoking and improving a diet.

The medication includes three blood pressure-lowering drugs at low doses alongside aspirin and folic acid, which aims to reduce cardiovascular problems in those with problematic blood pressure.

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