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Political parties 'need clearer policies on older people'

24th September 2008

People think that political parties across the spectrum need clearer policies for older people, new research suggests.

Almost three-quarters of respondents could not name a party with clear policies in relation to older age groups, according to the survey from the Alzheimer's Society.

Furthermore, it found that people over 55 fear suffering from dementia above all other conditions in later life.

Neil Hunt, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society, suggested that by 2025 around half of voters in a general election will be aged over 50.

He continued: "Political parties must make a strong commitment to tackle dementia - the condition which older people fear most."

The Alzheimer's Society recently said there is a growing body of research which appears to show that a Mediterranean-type diet could offer protection against some forms of dementia.

It suggested a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and grains - together with regular exercise - may reduce the risk of developing a range of diseases.

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