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Plymouth University to become dementia friendly

Plymouth University to become dementia friendly
18th April 2013

Plymouth University is to become the UK's first ever dementia friendly higher education provider.

Staff at the country's ninth largest university have created a strategy which they hope will make students more aware of the condition and how it effects those living with it.

This includes specialist training being provided on how Plymouth's campus can be friendly and open to those with dementia.

Professor Wendy Purcell, vice-chancellor at Plymouth University, said teaching society to change its approach to dementia is a vital step in fighting the ignorance which often surrounds the condition.

"Our ground-breaking approach reflects our mission of advancing knowledge and transforming lives through education and research and our focus on driving social inclusion through enterprise," she added.

The university already has a dedicated research group which studies dementia-related areas.

Currently, around 800,000 people live with dementia in the UK and that number is expected to rise above one million by 2021.