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Plenty of vitamin E could protect against cancer

Plenty of vitamin E could protect against cancer
24th April 2012

People who have diets full in certain forms of vitamin E could be unwittingly protecting themselves against cancer, according to a recent study.

Researchers at the Centre for Cancer Prevention Research and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey claim that gamma and delta-tocopherols vitamin E have cancer-beating properties.

According to the academics, the vitamins, commonly found in soybeans, canola and corn oils, can prevent the development of colon, lung, breast and prostate cancer.

However, previous studies have suggested that certain types of vitamin E can increase cancer risk, so it is important to stick to gamma and delta-tocopherols rich foods.

Dr Chung S Yang, director of the Centre for Cancer Prevention, commented: "Our message is that the vitamin E form of gamma-tocopherols ... and delta-tocopherols ... are beneficial in preventing cancers."

Nonetheless, the academic stresses that  vitamin E alpha- tocopherol "has no such benefit".

Following the study, people may want to start incorporating gamma and delta tocopherols into their diets, by using, for instance, corn oil instead of olive oil when cooking.

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