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Play shows elderly how to deal with conman risk

Play shows elderly how to deal with conman risk
12th March 2008

A play shown in south Gloucestershire has armed vulnerable elderly people with ways to respond to conmen.

Trickster was performed at the Hanham Folk Centre on Wednesday March 5th to an invited audience of 170 people perceived to be at risk from burglars and rogue traders.

Policeman Ken Hill, who organised the event alongside several of his colleagues, said: "The Trickster play has been specially written to be an enjoyable event, with songs and lyrics to appeal to older people.

"It works really well in raising awareness of the issues and providing advice on how to combat this sort of crime, without making people scared."

Advice contained within the play included always put a door chain on; ask to see identification before opening the door and sign up to utilities companies' password schemes.

This follows that news that policeman from a number of regions are warning the elderly of the risk of conmen.

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