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Plasma exchange added to MS guidelines

Plasma exchange added to MS guidelines
20th January 2011

Plasma exchange has been recommended to treat some types of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by the American Academy of Neurology.

The body has published updated guidelines in journal Neurology which recommend plasma exchange as a treatment for some types of MS in addition to other inflammatory brain conditions.

During plasma exchange, the plasma in an a patient's blood is exchanged with that of a donor while the other components remain.

WebMD reports that guidelines author Alex Rae-Grant, of The Neurological Institute at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio said: "This is really an established therapy and we know more about which diseases it is useful in, and which diseases it isn't useful or needs to be looked at again." 

This comes after PhysioFunction's clinical director, Jon Graham said that those with MS could benefit from physiotherapy.

He explained that in the early stages of the condition, physiotherapy treatment can be used to strengthen muscles. 

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