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Pilot scheme to prevent illness in vulnerable groups

21st November 2005

Scotland is to take part in a primary health care pilot scheme aimed at providing a more consistent and preventative approach.

Announced by health minister Andy Kerr, the new measures will focus on improving services in more deprived communities and are hoped to reduce current inequalities.

Vulnerable groups considered at risk of ill health, including elderly residents, are set to benefit from the introduction of the scheme, which will provide them with access to treatments and services to prevent future illness.

With the support of five Community Health Partnerships, up to £25 million will be invested over three years.

"We need to shift the focus of the NHS from illness to well-being, from treating ill health to preventing it," commented Mr Kerr.

"This recognises the importance of local health services, particularly GPs, pharmacists and community health teams, in the drive for health improvement."

The pilots will initially take place in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Lothian and Tayside but if successful will be extended to the NHS as a whole.