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People urged to consider financial implications of care

People urged to consider financial implications of care
2nd September 2008

Those in their fifties should consider what their financial options would be if they developed a physical or mental frailty, it is claimed.

Online resource the Daily Local calls for older people to consider how they would manage if they required long-term care and how they would fund such a need.

It suggests they look at insurance, recommending they consider their age and the likelihood of developing a condition which means they require care.

"To make a decision, consider whether dementia, neurological disorders or chronic conditions like diabetes run in the family," the publication recommends.

It notes that having long-lived relatives may also highlight the need for insurance.

Recently, the Daily Mail flagged up a study conducted by the Swedish Karolinska Institutet which revealed co-habiting couples are less likely to develop dementia but more likely to live longer.

The newspaper suggested stress and depression are less common among married couples.

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