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Pensioners will be horrified at 10 per cent Council Tax increases

4th November 2005

Struggling pensioners will react with horror to threats of a ten per cent rise in Council Tax, Help the Aged has warned.

The call came in response to the revelations that the Local Government Association (LGA) has indicated Council Tax levels could rise by up to ten per cent if the government does not fill a £2.2 billion 'black hole' in LGA finance.

Anna Pearson, Help the Aged's Council Tax spokesperson said year after year, local councils continue, "to levy inflation–busting bills which overwhelm the meagre increases in the Basic State Pension".

"This leaves many older people no option but to spend even less on essentials like food, clothes and heating," she said.

Ms Pearson said the yearly problems surrounding Council Tax should stop.

"It's about time the government realised that local taxation based on property values instead of ability to pay is inherently unfair. Many pensioners who own their homes after years of scrimping and saving are being pushed deeper into poverty.

"Reforming Council Tax to make it fairer would go a long way to reducing the numbers of pensioners who are forced to struggle to make ends meet each and every day."