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Pensioners strongly urged to claim full benefits

Pensioners strongly urged to claim full benefits
25th March 2009

The finances of older people continue to take a hit, highlighting the need for them to claim all benefits available to them, particularly those with bigger bills for such things as home care, according to two charities.

Age Concern and Help the Aged responded to figures presented by the Office for National Statistics which revealed that the real inflation problems for pensioners have heightened further after headline inflation dropped again.

With prices remaining high for food, fuel and bills, pensioners are hard-hit and with their savings "completely blown away", it is time for them to take action should they need it.

A spokesperson said: "With up to £5 billion of benefits going unclaimed by pensioners every year, we are strongly urging older people to ensure they are getting all the support they are entitled to by contacting their local Age Concern."

On Friday, the charity stated that the fuel poverty bill, at its second reading, still did not do justice to the 2.75 million older people living on the breadline.

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