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Pensioners party in Bootle

11th January 2007

Nearly 100 pensioners attended the annual older people's party in Bootle where they enjoyed food, dancing and a heart-warming talk, according to local reports.

The North West Evening Mail said the pensioners turned out in force to the event, which included a meal provided by West Coast Catering and entertainment by Women's Institute (WI) members under the banner Let's All Go To the Music Hall.

Father Christmas also made an appearance, with WI members helping to distribute gifts to all the guests and ending the evening by taking part in a competition.

The event was hosted by Mr Patrick Gordon Duff Pennington, the newspaper reports, who talked about his life from his youth in the Highlands.

He told the revellers he had married Phyllida, then bought a farm in Dumfriesshire. He went to Muncaster in 1982 to be met by "bears and parrots in the gardens". When these were moved to a zoo, the World Owl Trust was set up, which has since reopened.