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PDS wants input on patient choice issues

PDS wants input on patient choice issues
24th November 2009

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) wants to hear the views of its patrons and affiliates on the topic of patient choice for health and social care.

Charity officials will be hosting a number of discussion sessions on December 11th at the PDS HQ in London, though other contributions can be forwarded to the charity by phone or email.

Certain topics that it has prompted answers for include how good the local NHS and social care services are at giving information and supporting the choice-making process, as well as the extent to which they are personalising services to patients' needs.

Other topics for discussion include the use of direct payments or individual budgets, as well as the number of times a person must fit their life around the services in their area.

Naturally, for the PDS, it would also like to find out if people receive enough information from the charity about patient choice and the improvement of its services.

Last week, the PDS congratulated people who took part in the Trek Sahara fundraiser, with a 28-strong team - including four people with Parkinson's disease - resulting in over £90,000 being collected to support others who have the condition.

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