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PDS calls on affected to complete survey

PDS calls on affected to complete survey
8th October 2009

People with Parkinson's disease are being targeted by a new campaign to improve their quality of life and how they are addressed by the government.

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) has asked everyone with or affected by the condition to come forward and complete an online survey to outline any concerns or issues.

Explaining its stance, the charity asked: "If you were stuck in a lift with the leaders of the main political parties, what three actions would you tell them to take to improve the lives of people with Parkinson's?"

The PDS is to send its manifesto - led by these comments - to lobby political parties and candidates, ensuring that those with Parkinson's are "firmly placed on the political agenda" and shaping policies proposed by a number of political figures.

It follows comments earlier this week by Steve Ford, the chief executive of the PDS, who said that planned changes by the Conservative Party to incapacity benefit could affect those with Parkinson's disease, forcing them onto a different payment plan they do not deserve.

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