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Patients rank NHS hospital care highly

16th May 2007

More than nine out of ten hospital inpatients report having a positive experience, a survey has revealed.

Some 92 per cent of the 80,000 people surveyed by the Healthcare Commission reported their experiences as "excellent", "very good" or "good".

Patricia Hewitt, health secretary, said: "This is the public's verdict on the state of our NHS today. Staff should take great pride from this endorsement of the care they provide day in, day out.

"The Healthcare Commission's survey is an invaluable insight into what patients really think about the quality of the care they receive in hospitals."

She continued: "The NHS is totally transformed from what it was ten years ago. It is heartening to see that, contrary to what critics of the NHS say, the overwhelming majority of patients are happy.

"They waited less time for treatment, reported higher standards of cleanliness on wards and high levels of trust in doctors and ambulance staff.

She went on to say that there was still room for improvement for the provision of care within hospitals.

Changes being implemented include more single-sex wards, local level improvements through PCTs and the recently announced £8 billion investment which will be used for projects throughout the country.