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Patients can benefit from telecare technology, study claims

Patients can benefit from telecare technology, study claims
10th September 2012

Patients in the UK could benefit from using telecare technology, according to a recent study by the Strategic Society Centre.

Funded by Age UK, the research showed the personal alarms and alerting devices could play a key role in improving outcomes.

However, the report claims that the technology must be funded by the families of patients, with between 30 per cent and 50 per cent of people having to pay for the device privately.

This is despite the fact that councils are the driving force behind the uptake of telecare.

Should investment in the technology occur, it is expected that four million people could benefit in England alone.

James Lloyd, director of the Strategic Society Centre, commented: "'Most potential telecare users rely on informal care - nearly two million - so we must help families incorporate telecare into the way they support each other."

Michelle Mitchell, charity director general at Age UK, added that the device could be instrumental in giving older adults greater independence.

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