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Parkinson's UK launches NI manifesto

Parkinson's UK launches NI manifesto
10th February 2011

A leading charity has demanded greater access to nurses, medication and respite care for those living with Parkinson's in Northern Ireland.

Parkinson's UK launched its new manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, putting forward three main aims.

Firstly, says the charity, everyone with the condition in the country should have access to a Parkinson's nurse.

Additionally, those living with the disease should have easy access to medication, meaning they get the prescriptions they need on time, every time.

Furthermore, carers for those with Parkinson's disease should be able to secure the respite care they need.

Nicola Moore, our Northern Ireland Manager for Parkinson's UK, said: "Our manifesto pledges make financial sense for the next Northern Ireland Assembly government. We want as many candidates as possible to sign up to our manifesto and highlight the issues that we've raised."

In other Parkinson's news, a non-invasive method of delivering stem cells to the brain could dramatically improve the symptoms of the condition, according to research published in journal Rejuvenation Research.

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