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Parkinson's patient sings praises of music therapy

Parkinson's patient sings praises of music therapy
26th August 2008

A Parkinson's disease patient has hailed the dramatic effect that music has had on her condition.

Penny Noble said that since joining a wind band and taking up the tenor horn once again having played the instrument some 20 years earlier, she has been able to come through a range of debilitating symptoms, reports.

She stated that playing the instrument has had a positive effect on other areas of her life, including singing in a choir and attending art classes, where previously she had struggled to maintain the required levels of energy.

According to the news provider, Ms Noble commented: "My plans are to keep going and keep living; I don't think that Parkinson's has finished my opportunities."

She continued: "I am much more positive now and have my life to live."

Meanwhile, the European Parkinson's Disease Association has launched a new campaign which aims to address treatment inequalities across the continent.

The Awareness Campaign sets out to increase levels of knowledge and understanding of the condition and to influence European decision-makers to improve the provision of care.

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