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Parkinson's linked to depression, says Swedish research

Parkinson's linked to depression, says Swedish research
28th May 2015

Research by Umea University in Sweden has found a link between Parkinson's disease and depression, with people with mental illness more likely to develop the condition.

Examining over 14,000 people who were diagnosed with depression between 1987 and 2012, scientists compared them to individuals of the same age and gender over the period who showed no signs of depression.

In total 1.1 per cent of those with depression developed the disease, while 0.4 per cent of the sample group ended up with Parkinson's, while those who were depressed for a lengthier period were more likely to succumb to the illness. To conclude, people with depression are over three times more likely to develop Parkinson's.

Study author Peter Nordstrom added: "If the diseases were independent of each other, but caused by the same genetic or early environmental factors, then we would expect to see the two diseases group together in siblings, but that didn't happen."

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