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Parkinson's disease to be fought through new education programme

Parkinson's disease to be fought through new education programme
22nd June 2009

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) is launching a new education initiative with American organisation Healthy Interactions to promote self-awareness and knowledge on the neurodegenerative condition.

According to the PDS, the Conversation Map tools will help families, carers and sufferers address all stages of Parkinson's disease and give interactive sessions to explore facts on the health issue.

Commenting on the agreement, chief executive of the PDS Steve Ford said: "We have a responsibility to give all people coping with Parkinson's access to comprehensive information; to put in place tools to support better self-management and guidance on where they can turn for help."

A founder of Healthy Interactions, Paul Lasuik, agreed that education is "vital" in promoting self-management and a better quality of life, adding: "We hope that rolling out the new programme in England is the first step to bringing real change to people coping with Parkinson's - by giving them more control."

Yesterday, broadcaster and journalist John Stapleton featured on a BBC Radio 4 Appeal in support of the PDS.

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