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Parkinson's disease battled with tennis balls

Parkinson's disease battled with tennis balls
5th January 2009

A supply of free tennis balls is coming in handy for many sufferers of Parkinson's in the Nottingham area after a donation by the city's tennis centre.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is giving people with the condition a chance to reduce stiffness in hands and help reduce tremors in the body, according to the BBC.

The request was put in by Sandy Gill, a physiotherapist who realised that balls that did not have the required bounce at the tennis organisation were being given away for free.

She told the BBC: "Having a guaranteed, regular supply of free tennis balls has enabled us to give our patients balls to take home with them so that they can practice their exercises at home."

Ms Gill added that it was "terrific" that something so small could have the benefits it does for her patients.

According to BBC Health, therapy can also work in tandem with this in order to manage the condition and keep communication difficulties brought on by the disease down to a minimum.

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