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Parkinson's corner fought in parliament

Parkinson's corner fought in parliament
11th February 2011

The views of those with Parkinson's disease were put forward to the Health and Social Care Bill by Parkinson's UK chief executive Steve Ford.

Mr Ford spoke to the committee about the charity's Fair Care for Parkinson's campaign and the so-called postcode lottery that determines the quality of health and social care for those with the condition.

In addition, he said that it was up to the government to ensure GPs and other professionals are providing services that meet national standards.

"The bill must ensure that if people with Parkinson's are unhappy with their care and it doesn't meet quality standards, they have the power to call for improvement," Mr Ford commented.

This comes after the charity launched its manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, putting forward three main aims.

Parkinson's UK said that everyone with the condition should have greater access to nurses, medication and respite care.

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