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Paralysed man stands independently after pioneering treatment

Paralysed man stands independently after pioneering treatment
20th May 2011

The success of an epidural stimulation trial may bring hope to people with paralysis everywhere, who will be in need of home care.

A man who was paralysed after a hit and run incident is now able to stand independently and walk with assistance following the electrical stimulation treatment, according to the study published in the Lancet.

Rob Summers had 16 electrodes implanted into his spine and then trained in attempting to stand, walk and move his legs while electrical pulses were sent down his spine.

As well as regaining some movement in his legs, Mr Summers regained bladder, bowel and blood pressure control.

He said: "This procedure has completely changed my life.

"For someone who for four years was unable to even move a toe, to have the freedom and ability to stand on my own is the most amazing feeling."

Meanwhile, research conducted at Johns Hopkins revealed that pain and paralysis could be relieved by an experimental Alzheimer's drug.

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