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Pancreatic cancer jab to help patients recover?

Pancreatic cancer jab to help patients recover?
18th April 2011

A pancreatic cancer vaccine could help the recovery of those with the condition if trials are successful, making many people less dependent on assisted living.

Patients at UK hospitals are taking part in the trial of therapeutic cancer vaccine, which is being coordinated by the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The vaccine is aimed at people already diagnosed with the condition. It will train the immune system to attack cancer cells.

John Neoptolemos, director of the Liverpool Cancer Research UK Centre, told the Times: "This will be a pivotal trial.
"If it's successful, it would make a real difference to the way clinicians behave and patients are treated."

According to NHS Choices, pancreatic cancer is more prominent in older people, with 63 per cent of those diagnosed with the condition over the age of 70, and men more affected than women.

Around 7,800 individuals are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year and it is the fifth most common cause of death from cancer.

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