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Pain around the joint are 'can be indicative of arthritis'

Pain around the joint are 'can be indicative of arthritis'
31st March 2008

If people are suffering from pain around the joint area which is sensitive to touch then "everything is not as it should be" and they could be suffering from arthritis, according to NHS Direct.

Trisha Hamilton, a deputising chief nurse at the organisation, stated that these symptoms can be indicative of the condition and recommended that people see their doctor straightaway.

She added that arthritis can affect anybody at any time in their lives, remarking "if you are predisposed to suffer from it you will".

According to Arthritis Care, one in five of the adult population in the UK live with arthritis and 81 per cent of the sufferers are in constant pain as a result.

The charity recently recommended gentle exercise and a healthy diet as way of alleviating the pain associated with the condition, despite the "myth" that sufferers are unable to relieve their own symptoms.

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