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Over 60s often go through a late life crisis

Over 60s often go through a late life crisis
15th April 2013

A third of people aged over 60 go through a later life crisis, according to new research.

Studies conducted by psychologists at the University of Greenwich found a crisis is often caused by two or more life-changing episodes, such as illness and/or bereavement.

For some this can serve as the catalyst to overcome issues and enjoy a greater standard of life, but for a third it leads to a decline their own physical and mental health.

Dr Oliver Robinson noted it is important that people aged over 60 recognise they having such as crisis and seek immediate help and support.

"If you handle it badly it can accelerate your decline. People should not be ashamed of having these experiences – it’s very common – or about seeking help," he said.

The study's results were garnered from answers given by 282 aged between 60 and 69 in an online survey.

Some 32 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women admitted to having some sort of crisis since their 60th birthday.

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