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Over-60s leading the way in the fight against smoking

Over-60s leading the way in the fight against smoking
17th August 2012

The over-60s are setting the example in the fight against smoking, according to new figures.

Research from the NHS Information Centre has shown that fewer people are smoking now than in previous years and older adults are the least likely to be picking up a cigarette.

Only 13 per cent of over 60s now smoke, which is a significant reduction on 1980 levels when 28 per cent partook in the habit.

Overall, it was revealed that only one in five people over the age of 16 smoke.

In the UK smoking has been a declining trend since 1948, when over half of people enjoyed a cigarette.

However, it still causes health problems among Britons and more needs to be done to put an end to the practice.

According to a recent study, smoking related illnesses fill up one in every 20 hospital beds.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre found that every day 1,260 adults aged over 35 are admitted to hospital because of smoking.

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