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Over 50s healthcare 'must change'

Over 50s healthcare 'must change'
25th September 2009

The top priority of the over 50 age group is to avoid the NHS waiting list, highlighting the need for healthcare across the country to step up, it has been said.

According to a new study by Saga Health, many people in the age group want to have a choice as to when and where they will be treated, while many are worried about the threat of MRSA and the cleanliness of hospitals in general.

Those looking for private healthcare such as in a care home has jumped in number, as 90 per cent of over 50s told the group they were comfortable or very comfortable to see friends and relatives in private medical accommodation, while just 36 per cent prefer NHS accommodation.

Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of Saga Group, concluded: "Today's over 50s are more active than ever before and want to live life to the full. If they suffer a medical problem they want to get treated and recuperate as quickly as possible.

"No wonder over two million people aged 50 and over choose private medical insurance."

Today, it was revealed that NHS hospitals are not making the most of their most expensive equipment, with the TaxPayers' Alliance saying much of it is underused.

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